Webdriver how to verify element is not displayed in Java.

This code snippet can be used when there is a hard coded element.

// WebElement first search result link can be captured using search_results_scroll.
boolean isDiplayedKnowledgeBase=false;
WebElement firstSearchResult = search_results_scroll.findElement(By.("ul > li"));
catch(NoSuchElementException e){
System..println("Unwanted element is not displayed.");
Assert.(false, isDiplayedKnowledgeBase,"This facility is listed for unwanted users.");

If the element is passed form page object model can use below code snippet.

Pass the element from the page Object

(gatewayLandingPage.lbl_WhatNeedTohappenWithThis);public void elementNotPresentVerification(WebElement element) {
try {
Assert.(false, element.isDisplayed(), "Unwanted element is displayed " + element);
} catch (NoSuchElementException e) {
System..println("Unwanted element is not found");



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