Esrally how to send multiple search queries in a track.

For that could use below code, it has 2 search queries as operations and it’s own iterations as well.

please also make sure you’ve read this part of the documentation: Track Reference — Rally 2.2.1 documentation

Save the file as track.json and use the below command in Centos to run it.

nohup /usr/local/bin/esrally — track-path=/home/usernamefolder/samfiles — target-hosts= — pipeline=benchmark-only — client-options=”use_ssl:true,verify_certs:false,basic_auth_user:’username’,basic_auth_password:’password’,timeout:120" >> rally_stdout.log 2>> rally_stderr.log < /dev/null &

Queries run in sequential mode

If ran without issues , in results both queries should be displayed.

Test result



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